Verseewild..Tyson Wilson known by his stage name ‘VERSEEWILD’, is recognized island wide by persons of all ages, as a popular Artist and Radio Personality/DJ. Versee began his professional career as a DJ in the night clubs & sound clash circuit.

It was in this circuit that he won the biggest professional Barbadian DJ Sound Clash Tournament to date. He has also won a Clash trophy for Barbados, when he competed in a Clash Tournament in St. Lucia.

Several years later, he was able to further his career in a different area of the entertainment industry, when he was hired to host his own radio show which aired on Saturday afternoons on 98.1fm. This show quickly became #1 in that time slot. It did so well, that he was subsequently offered a night time shift during the week, which too, became #1.

Verseewild’s professional singing career began in 2007. Since that time he has had several hits, including ‘Push It Back’, ‘Stock Taking’, ‘Nut Vendor’, ‘Scab It Out’ & ‘Dibby In A Fete’ (which placed 2nd in the Foreday / Jouvert Morning & Kadooment Road March Contests) & many more.
Every year he performs at the major Crop Over events.
Verseewild has not only established a name for himself locally but also regionally and internationally, by performing and DJ’ing at events in several Caribbean islands, as well as Canada, Miami, Boston, Brooklyn, & other places.

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